Images on platoon descriptions - Better Battlelog Forums #1648

I think it would be cool to allow images on your platoon description. We have links, so why not images? What do you think?

I think the images only could be possible as the way they are in the forum. Not with BBCodes, because they ain't integrated in Battlelog. If Brain integrate BBCodes on profile pages only BBLog users will see the images or whatever you did with BBCodes. All the other people will see the [b][url] etc etc.

As I said, the only way to make this possible is the same way as the forum posts. Convert the direct image URL's to the relating image.
As Inception said, Profile Description are much more "underpowered" as Forum posts.
I don't add bbcodes support do it for the said reason.
Maybe i add same inline image support as in forum but not at the moment.
Too much other things in mind.