Problem with the vechicles ranks (unlocks) - Better Battlelog Forums #1755

Hello Guys,

I am having this following problem when i check my air vehicles rank, instead of showing the rank it shows "NaN"
You can see on the attached picture that i put.

Looks like its related to that i bought the shortcut kit for air vehicles, and now that i got one star for it, its showing this bug.

Could you guys take a look? TKS!!!
This could be possible because of the shortcut kit. Please give me a link to your broken overview list.
here is the link
Looks like no problem with shortcut kit.
I'll check this.
Allright checked. Is because of the shortcut kits.
Changed in next release to display when shortcut kit is used - For those used groups are no data available for the service stars (i don't know why).
Tks for your time on that! =]