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I was using x86 version of FireFox and plugin was working very well but FireFox itself was a bit lagy and kept freezing. So i changed it to x64 version (same as my OS Win10).
And now every time i try to join to the server (BF3, BF4 and BFH) i end up with this:


What should I do?
PS Yes I tried to remove BBlog plugin and ad it back - did not help also when i removed it no icon popped up to dowload plugin (default one)

FireFox version 48.0 (64bit)
Sry but this is not related to "Better Battlelog".
We are a fan project.
You need to go to
for support.
I am sorry but now i am littlebit confused ... How is it not related to "Better Battlelog"?
My post or am I in wrong forum section??
"Better Battlelog" is not "Battlelog" itself.
It's an fan made browser extension that you have to install separatly.
See here what it exactly is

The message that you get come from the battlelog game launcher which is not part of our extension.
Oh Thank you. I thought it is able to launch game by itself.
Now i understand.
Sorry for wasting your time.
You are right, it should now be able to launch itself without plugins.
If you experience that bugs than you have to go to the mentioned forums.