ad removal plugin - Better Battlelog Forums #101664

this is my battlelog advertisement removal plugin.
this is my first plugin i hope that i did it right all of my test show that it works.

translations would be a great help.
Very nice idea, but i don't think that your setInterval solution is very good.
I am not a javascript expert, but i am sure there are better solutions.
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The domchanged solution is that what you should use, which you already have done but commented out.

Edit: It's now completely removed from the code, not just commented out.
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when i tried the Dom change solution Firefox lagged when i tried to re size the window so i changed over to that fix
I just put back in the Dom change code commented out thou
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Lag should have nothing to do with this, all BBLog functions work with the domchange method.
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it is not lag but it does spike Firefox's CPU utilization up to 10% - 12% when i re-size the window and sometimes Firefox begins not responding. I might be wrong.
BTW i am running a phenom 2 x4 965 black edition (overclocked from 3.4 GHz to 3.5) the CPU is not that great so it will preform much better on better CPUs i think.
here is a link to the git hub repository:

here is a link to the latest beta build:

the beta build now has back the Dom change code