Context Menu - Better Battlelog Forums #1402

Right-click context menu in forums interferes with/overrides Chrome's normal context menu, meaning link addresses cannot be copied, and links cannot be opened in a new tab as easily (yes, I know you can ctrl-click...)

Any chance of integrating the context menus?
Its only possible to display one sort of menu, the bblog defined or the browser standard.
You must weigh what is more important for you, you can also enable only some parts of contextmenu with the advanced options (gear symbol).

PS: Just for info, to open links in new tab use the middle mouse button (also pressing the mousewheel).
Just an idea, how about an additional option, if selected then new menu (or standard menu) popups up only after holding right mouse button for a second then releasing? (right click + hold for 1 sec + release = menu)
The idea is good, i would implement an option to enable a "delayed" context-menu.
Keep watchin for updates.
Is now included since version 1.1