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When you are at your profile overview, if you click UNLOCKS, I get a big lag, but without this BBLOG, there is no lag, I can scroll through unlocks without any problem. Any easy fix for this? It is very annoying. This tab is pretty much unusable
A few more information is needed.

1. Which browser
2. On which page exactly
3. Do you have enabled any theme or custom plugin in bblog

Especially on the unlocks page there is nothing that bblog do. Therefore this issue is a bit weird.
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I am using Google Chrome. My friend had the same problem but we kinda fixed it for now. We were both using BF 4 Theme by Juress v 1.07. UNLOCKS tab on that theme was pretty much UNUSABLE. You could not even scroll, it was that big of a lag, but everything else worked fine. But when I switched to Dark theme by Juress v3.15 problem was fixed. No more lag in UNLOCKS tab section. It fixed the problem for my friend as well, so it had something to do with that particular theme. I like this "dark theme" better anyway so it was a win-win situation.
Ok thx for information.
Will forward that to the theme creator.