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hi. i installed the latest version of bblog yesterday, but it has not integrated into battlelog. is there something else i should do? i'm on firefox. thanks!
hi, please follow my introductions here:

if still not working please contact us in this topic again.
thanks for the quick reply, orfk.

i did follow the instructions. i now get an error message stating that firefox prevented the install because it could not modify the needed file.

to which i say i have no idea what that means. any help would be appreciated.

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okey, first you have to delete the addon in the addon manager, than close firefox wait a few secounds and open it again, try to install BBLog vom our Server (right sidte oth this webiste).

after installing re-start firefox and visit battlelog. you should see a icon on the left side of the main navigation with "
BBLog Center
" if you can see it, it work.

if not uninstall BBLog in the Addon Manager, close Firefox and open the Path wich i have described in the other topic.use for this the following path:


now you should see a profile folder, f.e. something like "
the number and letter combination is always different.
if you open this profile folder, you will found an other folder with the name "
open it and you will find all installed addons.

the folder name from the BBLog Addon is something like "
the @jetpack is a good sign that this is the Better Battlelog Addon.
if you want to check if this is the right folder, open it and you will find two icons.
one of them is called "
" and the other one is "
" they are looking like the attachements.


now delete the FULL Folder, so you have to go back to "extensions" so you can see the "
" folder. Delte THIS, and only THIS folder, not the others, and not "extensions".

now close the windows, open firefox, visit getbblog.com and install the addon again.
if not working, please contact us =)