New fix code by jikA - Better Battlelog Forums #113908

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Hello,today i found jikA's blog. We can find here some intresting things. Enjoy.
Link to blog: Removed

Edit Brain: Not verified and possible insecure software.
Well, this could be a bad software as well.
Nobody knows what this thing does install.
I not recommend this.
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That's not a netcode fix and whats more, it's stolen from Leatrix (you can actually se the fucking name of the app in the video ffs) the original author of the Leatrix latency fix, which is TCP protocol optimizer, that helps lowering your latency by increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgements (thats what DICE needs to do in order to fix the netcode, except the game is far more complex and full of other stuff like levolution events, amout of players and vehicles and last but not least the destruction, so it makes it difficult for the servers to handle so much data being transfered).

It most assuredly won't fix the net code and if you download it from the link you provided, chances are the code is modified.

If you want to download the Leatrix Latency Fix, you can do that from the official page or wowinterface, where the source is verified (it actually does help lower the ping a bit, especially in mmos, but it ain't a bf4 netcode fix)
well.. the player exists in real..

and a google search (see
) with his (maybe old) nickname
, which is visible in the video, leads us to the same BF4 profile. but the video could be copied from anywhere:

anyway, i wont trust trust this fix/mod/download.. leave your fingers from this stuff ;-)
The geniune version from official website is perfectly fine, I've been using it for years.
The link in first post however, could be anything.
jikA and his famous ~50% accuracy is well-known in certain circles. He was never caught but he was pretty fishy. I wouldn't trust this guy.

Obviously I am talking about him, not any legit sources/legit programs. ;-)

This should make things clear.