right column with Activity / News / customs gone after 3.0 - Better Battlelog Forums #49749

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hi there,

first of all thx for new improved version !

just quick question - can't see my right column with "Game Activity" , "Latest Nes" and other custom that i created ( works fine on Chrome 23.0.1271.64 but not new Firefox 17.0

few more if i may ;-) :

- is 3.0 compatible ( or will be ) with ( ehmmm if i may again ) Battlelog+ ? it worked well with 2.6 but was thinking maybe that's te issue mentioned above after update to 3.0

- the "open settings" doesn't work with 3.0 ( Firefox and Chrome ) ?

thanks for all the hard work again !
1. I don't know waht you mean. BBLog has no custom features for this areas.
2. I do not test BBLog against B+. B+ has no update since 2 monhts, maybe this is the problem.
3. Open Settings, also don't know what this is.
The right column bug is caused by B+ in the new FireFox 17, plaese contact their developer.
as brain said. B+ has now updates since more than 2 month, i don't think there will something happen...
thx for the info guys