Request: Platoon Members in sidebar - Better Battlelog Forums #2049

I know of the Platoon friends here already but its does not work like i would like.

Is it possible to have one where it shows all members of the platoon in the sidebar.
Also allow the user to select only certain platoons rather then defaulting all of them there.

Thanks in Advance
I would really really like to see such a plugin... because i dont want to add any Platoonmember... It would be a very cool feature... Maybe the Guy from the "Dice in the sidebar" Plugin can do it...
Hi, with the recent addition of a configuration window in DiceFriends, it will now be possible for me to support any platoon instead of just the Official DICE.

I am working on a new version that will support any platoon, stay tuned!
hI azixMcAze;

maybe you can add this feature too:
Here is a first version :

The configuration of the platoon can be easier but it works for the moment
(you have to copy and paste the platoon ID in the settings window of the plugin)
Please tell me if you have any problem

Important Note :
This plugin is modification of Dice Friends. You have to disable Dice Friends if you want to use it. You cannot use both plugin. I will fix that in a future release

Fenriswolf wrote:
maybe you can add this feature too:

It would be possible to add this feature, but it would no be easy to make a nice interface to configure it. I will first try to improve the configuration of the platoon and in the future allow to add individual players