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I am a fan of Strategy Games too, like Sim City, Command & Conquer, etc...
So, next year will come SimCity in a whole new game engine.
I guess this game is able to be one of my favo strategy games.

Today i found a new strategy video that describe a lot of features, looks amazing.

So, anybody here that love that sort of games too?

AND HOPEFULLY EA do not crack that game again, as they do with every new game.
SimCity (5), now there's a game I'm really, really, looking forward to playing. I love those kind of games and by the looks of the trailers it's going to be amazing. I can't wait for it to come...
Probably i'll buy. The only problem is Origin Friend List with only 100 ppl. :(
Anybody got a beta key? God damn, i don't got one.
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Yes I got one. Installing right now. Weird thing, the download size is only 180MB :\

EDIT: 180MB is the installer from Origin.
Dendari wrote:
Yes I got one. Installing right now. Weird thing, the download size is only 180MB :\

You lucky. I registered to the beta few months ago, well, not helped. I hate that.
Registered like you, contest on facebook and twitter, googling for beta key...and nothing ! :(

Can't wait for march !
if you pre-ordering the game you will get auto access to the beta.
a friend of mine has it and installing now too.
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Gotta love this review of SimCity :)
Haha. I've heard that the download times are pretty bad. SimCity is released on the 8th in Sweden, only a few hours to go.

If anyone here has it, does it download/load slow?
It's not loading / downloading times. It's queue that keeps you for half hour in launcher before letting you into the game :D
Uhm, I just launched Origin and apparently EA/Origin decided to release SimCity today instead in Sweden.

For some reason it says today on all online shops as well, what have I missed, lol. I swear to god that It was supposed to be on the 8th.

Oh well, I'll guess I'll boot it up and see how the queue is doing.
Well, for me it's fully downloaded and i also finished the tutorial.
But it's impossible to start a own game, server's always down when you need some online interactions.
This release is more horrible than Diablo 3 - Diablo 3 also had a lot of problems, but they fixed it a way faster.

Just crap.
Okay, I officially give this game launch the "Bulls**t Stamp of Approval".
The European servers are all full and the one server that is available is waiting for a login opportunity.

How hard can it be for a big company like EA to fix something like this?
EA never has a good start, you get used to it.
It's the worst EA launch that I've seen so far.

The worst before this was the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 launch on the Xbox 360. The servers lagged in-game like hell, you lagged more than playing, lol.
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So appereantly - Amazon pulled SimCity from the store, other stores are doing the same (trying to control the flow of sold copies to steady out the server load, before allowing new players in? - wouldn't be the first time - GuildWars2 - except they didn't have such problems :))
To ease the server load, they are shutting down all non-essential components of the game.

Now I'm reading the patch notes from the latest version:

Disabled cheetah speed.

eeeeeyyyy guys... stop crying.
it's SIM CITY! And we all saw in the trailers that it will be awesome!
so please dont badmouth the game only because the start wasn't so good.
lets give them a chance.

i'm sure it will be great and good and working well =)
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Ain't gonna buy it, ain't gonna play it.
Allways on-line DRM for basically a singleplayer game? lul wut nope.avi
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Cmon, let us cry a bit.
Update for me, yesterday evening it worked for about 2 hours for me on the West 2 America Server.
No connection lost, no problems at all. This is how it should work.
Let's see on the weekend peak times if it will work stable.

About the game, it's actually a real Sim City feeling. But many bugs and glitches maybe make somebody angry (like me). There is a looot to do for Maxis before he can call it "final".
For me it feels that this is a full price beta test.
I've managed to play all night (took an all-nighter :S). Once I got past the connection problems (a/k/a servers being full) the game has worked fine for me. I haven't noticed any major bugs.
The one minor bug I saw was a fire truck that kept driving around the burning building until it burned down, lol.
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Seems like EA wants to apologise for the problem filled launch.

Blog Post:

Lucy Bradshaw wrote:
And to get us back in your good graces, we’re going to offer you a free PC download game from the EA portfolio. On March 18, SimCity players who have activated their game will receive an email telling them how to redeem their free game.

Is EA softening up, or what?
Maxis probably pushed EA to do it... Besides, it'll be some worthless piece of game you'll get as an apology anyways :)
Yes, i love it. Played 6 hours to create my first cool city with about 25k people.
Than, oops, can't synchronize your city with the server, we try to fix it. What happened? City deleted.
FINE, shit of DRM always on-line and die if off-line.
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I've only had problems with joining the servers from time to time, and occasionally a few minor bugs. Never lost a city or anything like that.

The thing that annoys me the most is the city size, I mean, I can't fit anything in there... I want a huge chunk of land to play around on.
It makes me feel limited in what I can do.

Overall I like the game, it's really fun.
The only
drawbacks would be the problem filled launch and the city size.
So, played round about 20 hours and my motivation is gone.
The extremely small size of cities is not that what i want from a sim city.
The problem with the regions is that you must begin again, and again, and again...
Boring, no challange.

I tried to built from the start with 3 regions, 1 for green, 1 for blue and 1 for yellow fields.
Not possible, you need in every city all 3 to get it working.

If the game costs 30€ it is ok, but for 60€ it's a way to expensive for this experience, in my opinion.
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Doesn't seem like we're alone. Pretty much everyone on the SimCity forums want a bigger playable area.
I hope they release an update for it.

Interesting read:
will play too if i get my sim city. no time atm to buy it ^^
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Here's the help article for the free games they will offer SimCity players.

Games to choose from:

Battlefield 3
(Standard Edition)

Bejeweled 3
Dead Space 3
(Standard Edition)

Mass Effect 3
(Standard Edition)

Medal of Honor: Warfighter
(Standard Edition)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
(Standard Edition)

Plants vs. Zombies
SimCity 4
(Deluxe Edition)
The best choose (financially) is Dead Space 3, imho.
Not bad at all :)