Option to hide (uncommented) attachment unlocks in feed - Better Battlelog Forums #1721

Every player with at least five actively playing friends can confirm that a battle-feed full of attachment unlocks from every game someone has played can be annoying. I have to say, Medals and Weapons are cool and often commented, but do we really need a notification for every single little new sight for
gun? It makes rather important messages and comment dialogues disappear fairly quickly.
So if this is technically possible, you could implement the option to hide those Feed entries
--> possible exception if they are commented (or
Seeing as I'm not the developer I'm not sure. I however think that it wont work unless the Battlelog staff makes some changes to support this kind of feature.

I can't really explain :/ But as I said, I don't think it would work.
Maybe possible but results in lot of work and probably more server requests to battlelog servers.
Also currently i don't have time for it and BBLog also not want to do more requests as needed to battlelog servers.
okay ;)