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for me, personally, this battlefield will be skipped.

What i don't like is...
... the counterstrike play style - All what i've loved in BF is gone in BF Hardline. They not should call it battlefield because the only thing that is the same is the underlying engine, frostbite.
... for me it feels like a downgrade - graphics are worse, all feels technically not so good as in BF
... if i don't mind about the above to points, why i should buy this game? For me it doesn't have an reliable improvement from BF3/BF4 to BFH. It's just another 7/10 game in the already supersaturated shooter genre.

BF3 was a revolution
BF4 was a evolution
BFH ???

Just my thoughts, what's yours?

Fortunetely i don't have to buy this game to make BBLog work in BFH :)
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So far I'm enjoying most of my time spent with the Beta, but I agree with your points, especially the third one. It doesn't feel like a polished AAA game, it's more like a (high quality) mod for BF4 and shouldn't be priced like a full game.

Definitely not gonna buy it, even if it's on sale (most likely will be dead at that point).
I don't think is BFH is a Battlefield game. Maybe is a good game, but isn't Battlefield.
Visceral/EA/DICE are using the name to sell, obvious.

I don't like the Beta (Closed, because this Open is a trial demo, IMO). I'm not going to buy until a good promotion sale (50%, maybe?), this game not worth full price unfortunately.

See, this isn't a crap game, but isn't a Battlefield.
I agree that this is nothing but a high quality mod for BF4 and should be sold for lower price..
But then again, i've been playing the beta and must say i enjoy it. It may have potential to be a success, maybe.

BF3/4 did became better and better if u compare them with the Beta's and first release.

I admit im a pre-order BF fan, cause i like to show my support, even if they make a shitty game sometimes.
Like my local football team, i support them even when they loose and play like sh*t :-)

The graphic can be better and hopefully the game will update to the high quality standard we know from BF4.

Just my 5 cent
It's - meh...