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Hello Better Battlelog Team!

Thank you for making such a good extension - it transformed Battlelog into something useful :)

I'm currently in the process of service starring all weapons on BF4, and I was wondering if you could update the filters available on the Stats > Weapons page?

Currently, unless you either select the "All" filter or search directly, launchers like the RPG/SMAW don't exist in any of the current filters.

As far as I am aware, this excludes:

All M320 variants (3GL, FB, Smoke, Dart, LVG, HE)

The Ballistic Shield

All engineer launched weapons RPG, SMAW, Stinger, Igla, LAW, SRAW, Javelin


Repair Tool

Battlepickups HVM-II, M136-CS,

Could you add some new filters and extend some current ones?

Gadgets (extend to include - Defibrillator, Repair Tool, Ballistic Shield)

Launchers (new filter to include all Engineer portable launchers)

Underslung (new filter to include all underslung variants M26/M320)

*Battle Pickups (new filter to include all battlepickups - M32 MGL, HVM-II, M136-CS, AMR-2 all variants, M2A83 all variants, Rorsch)

If it is possible, then can I also suggest removing the current Battle Pickup snipers/shotguns from their respective current filters too?

*Edited to include Battle Pickup Snipers
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Sorry for late response.
The filters are taken directly from the battlelog weapon groups, we just make it available for filter.
If they don't have those things properly included than it's a pain, but we can't fix this unless we rewrite the whole filter system, which we will not do.