Ability to delte these useless buttons - Better Battlelog Forums #108194

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These yellow buttons are useless, they already are on the belt near the soldier/lvl. Can you give us an ability to delete them?
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I'd say those are just a left over from the old layout.. Just wait the damn month for a new battlelog, everything will change again.

Pls use OUR OWN image upload!
if you use a external uploader its possible that it WONT be found the image.
so we can see nothing.

about the topic:
we DOESN'T "delete"/hide Elements from Battlelog. if you want to have som elements hidden, you have to create your own theme, than you can hide them. but these themes, which are hiding elements form battlelog, wont be listed in our plugin by the theme selector.
Calm down ORFK, the issue is fixed by now, he was talking about the yellow shortcuts in the main page, and there is a plugin working for that kind of stuff.
i gave an answer of his request to remove a button/element from battlelog.
the answer is that we doesn't remove elements. thats the point of my post and nothing more.