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Hi Community!

Exact 1 year before today, BBLog was released in the first working developer version.
That means, BBLog B-Day is today.

For that reason i started a little lottery game where you can win a DLC of your choice for Battlefield 3.
This DLC is sponsored by BBLog directly (by me).

What you need to do for it?

Not that much.
1. First, you must make sure that you have a Battlelog Account and a BBLog Account (on getbblog.com).
2. Than you must connect your Battlelog Account with your BBLog Account (My Account -> Settings -> Click on "Connect with Battlelog") - You must have BBLog installed and activated that this will work.
3. At last, write here in this thread why Better Battlelog is awesome :-) If you write multiple posts with one user, it doesn't increase your chance to win.

At the end, 16.01.2013, i choose a random winner within all the comments here in this post.
Team Member's cannot win that DLC. This thread must have a minimum of 250 Posts, under this line the price goto nobody.
Better Battlelog is awesome because you can edit EVERYTHING in the Battlelog. Before BBL was built up the old Battlelog looked shitty and oldschool. It was not as attractive. But most i like the background changing option and the new assignments because it gives new style to your Battlelog and the assignments make you want to achieve something in Battlefield3 when you made it all the way through the game.
And thats why i love BBL.
btw special thanks to the producers of BBL
It's awesome because u have bunch of settings to edit your battlelog how you want and how you think it's the best way for you to navigate trough the battlelog. I specially like theme and background switching thing nice way to have custom backgrounds. One thing that i like are the radars. BATTLELOG IS SIMPLY AWESOME!
BBlog is awesome because of the easily accessible weapon data and server filtersets.
It does a lot more, but even just these 2 things save a lot of time.
thank you for exist, BBlog :)
BBLog makes a (digital) soldier's life so much easier. :) And it has a great community I think, which creates lots of cool stuff (plugins) for BBLog! :)
With BetterBattlelog i can enjoy the Battlelog experience even more. The look and feel just how i want it to be. Thank you for this great application.
Customizable appearance, extra shortcuts, extra stats all around and all customizable! Did i mention customizations?
I really like BBlog because it's the way Blog is supposed to be.With themes,more info about players,server info,weapon and players stats.One of the best things for me are those awesome themes,because after a year of playing you get kinda bored with the standard theme that Blog has and thank god you have BBlog that has such good themes.I truly love them!Another badass thing about BBlog is that it's radar option.You can't believe how many times this has helped me.(I have used the radar at some player that where cheating,at some players that where to damn good and I couldn't compete with them so I would never join a server with those players.If used the radar at some server to because of the bad admins that sit and spawn kill the other team and kicked everyone that they don't like.This could be one of the best things to.)
Guys keep up the good job!!!And thanks for everything.
(P.S It would be awesome if I could win an expansion.I think I would get the B2K one.These maps are one of the best.And I'm kinda sick of all those vanilla maps so it would be really great!!!)
Hi, bBlog is an extension to the well Battlelog, I would say the best, there are many options intéressentes as add missions in the game have comparisons weapons, put images in our sections. I thank the whole team for the work they provide us
How to say to you in which point I find really extraordinary Better Battlelog? Cet Add-on completes totally Battlelog besides all the statistics, and in every update çà improves as one goes along, it is really a brilliant idea of the credit note to create!! Thank you and long life in Better Battlelog!! Hoah!!
i like bblog because it adds everything i expected to have in the official battlelog, and more.
I love in BetterBattleLog is the weapon comparison, and very very detailed weapon informations.
BetterBattelog is amazing because we have all the time new, you think of everything, and just for that, the plugin is interesting.

Thank you very much bBlog :)
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I love Better- Battlelog, because it has nawesome features like more Buttons in the Stats, the stats himself are also anwesome, because you connected it with BF3Stats.com! I also like the function to ulpoad images in the clan! And that all Link that have been Postet i directli can click on! IT's a must have this Add-On! Thank you very much for it! And the best is: It's free!!!!

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Mir gefällts super weil ich liebe statistikem um sie mit freunden zu vergleichen.

I like it very much because I love statistics to compare them with friends.

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Hi guys,
i think better battlelog is awesome because everything you can imagine you can find there. Even stats like how many kills i did this day or that day or charts where the KPM or the SPM are listed can be found.I also love the inplementation into original Dice/EA Battlelog. All the other things i also like about this tiny browser app were mentioned before. Thanks for reading.
BLog is so beautiful with skins ! ^^
It is awesome !!
I love it, because now, i can have a signature at forum, join a favourite server quickly, change of color and I like the stats detailed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a very good job !!!
With betterbattlelog I can see more details! It is so amazing!
For me bblog is awesome because now i have all the stuff that premium members have and even more, the info the details, theme changer that i love so much, just want to thank you guys 4 all the hard work you have put into making such an epic bblog ^-^
BBlog is awesome, because I can customize the web I spend a lot of time on to my liking. For example change it to the old layout, that is centered, not this "left side" cräp. I love the custom plugins, backgrounds, additional stats. Can't imagine Battlelog without it.
BBLOG Hands DOWN! And I will say this with honesty, the only competition I see BetterBattlelog facing are themselves. I really can't remember what my stock-Battlelog looked like, but I probably wouldn't play this game anymore without you guys. I'm more social on here than Facebook haha. But really though, props to the team!
Why BBlog is awesome? Because it makes Batterlog cooler and gives you extra options like custom assignments. That's why
It is so awesome,because you have the possibility to work with the developers every day for a better experience
for all users of this fantastic socialsystem for Battlefieldgamers ,that is better then Facebook,Really.!!!!!,you can create own plugins, own backgrounds and can report all about bugs and errors directly to the developers and not to a Mailboxsystem on the fidji isles.
So Please-Stay as you are, to be independent, hard working, individually and you will be successful for a long time.!!!
Greetings from Germany,Rico Schulz aka Bub3812
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Quite a neat little add-on!
Bblog is totally community driven and independently developed to allow us to understand all the various minute of our weapons and performance. It is a fantastic testing tool and guide for loadouts.
BBlog is awesome because you can change your own battlelog however you want and get easier information about weapons and so. and BBlog have helped battlelog to be so much better, keep up this good work!
Better Battlelog, the "better" says it all
Better Battlelog is awesome for many reasons, primarily because it gives more information about the weapon (information, statistics). And of course the assignments, in the drafting of which takes an involved community. And good support and attention of developers to users! ;-)
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I love the radar system, it keeps me off the servers where cheaters are and off servers that kind of douchebags with their rules. Speaking of servers the ability to create custom filters for the server browser is great but then to add to that the BBL-plugin that filters out the map list just makes it that much better.
The weapons pages that shows the recoil and plots the spread and adjust the results based on the attachments is great too.
Allow people to create plugins for BBL to make BBL even better than it already is is great too. It's because of that you have some of the great plugins that I use; DICE Friends, Cheat-o-meter (suggested by me, made by Pun1a), Smart Server Browser (mentioned before), and others.
Rearranging the awards is also nice and I think that EA/DICE took what BBL had done and added it to Battlelog, the linking of the medals and ribbons so you can easily tell which goes with which. Nice that EA/DICE didn't credit BBL for the idea but such is life.

BrainFooLong wrote:
the price goto nobody.

Price or prize? Sorry to be a grammar Nazi
Wolf68k wrote:

BrainFooLong wrote:
the price goto nobody.

Price or prize? Sorry to be a grammar Nazi

Bblog literally made Forumfield 100% Better.
It shows me the Information i need and what i want.
and it changes the Skin of the page :D
like black.

Thanks for all who participated in this thread.
Unfortunately the post limit has not be reached and for that reason there is no free DLC going out.
To hell with this limit. But all active participants expressed their opinion! ;-)