Request: Improving new "latest battle reports" - Better Battlelog Forums #2082

With the new battlelog update, we have now access to 16 latest battle report...Maybe the presentation can be improved ?

thumbnails, dates and green or grey colors for wins or losses and we keep hover informations...
The reason why they changed the reports to be represented by a dot until a roll-over is to save space. If you change it back, wouldn't that defeat the purpose. :/ I do like the making the loses grey though.
Yeah , I understand but why save space ?
No need to save space for non-premium and premium who don't save battle reports..

I think this dot design is less user-friendly as my proposal but this improvement could be optional like others feature in BBlog
This isn't really an "improvements", it's more a change with the same usage.
You see already the wins, the loses, map and the dates but in a other way than before.
It makes not mut sense to change it back because this layout isn't more bad than the old before.
Maybe someone in the plugin section will help you, moved.