Global Server and Player Blacklist - Better Battlelog Forums #1380

I have a feeling you get a bunch of these, and I'm just hoping you see mine. Please know that I'm not demanding anything, this is just a suggestion that I feel has potential. I will be promoting your add on whether you implement this idea or not.

You and I both know the amount of cheaters as well as poorly run servers on Battlefield 3 is unacceptable and we just want to avoid them, but coming up with a list on your own takes a while and even though you can share it with others, it may not be enough. You still have to play in the bad servers to know for yourself. But what if there was a better way?


One person, maybe a mod from /r/battlefield3 (Reddit) can host their own online list of blacklisted servers and Players. You, as a player, could then punch in the link to that(those) blacklist(s) into the add on and it would connect (if it is available of course) and then take action based on those.


Simple GUI. Lets you pick the port number(for port forwarding and easier managing), punch in the unique ID or URL of the server or player profile (I am unaware of how battlelog tracks players or servers but there has to be some kind of unique key), you can then set the level of confirmed or unconfirmed(this will come up later[see USER PERSPECTIVE]). Obviously you will be able to delete servers or players from the list (in case of mistakes or a server goes down or something like that).


Just a button on their browser. When click a menu pops out. The menu allows you to enter the link to the global blacklist for either players or servers or both and as many as you like. The menu also lets you choose the level of confidence. If a user or server is unconfirmed of cheating or poor management or anything, you can set it to "Unconfirmed" if you don't want to take that chance. Otherwise just set it to "Confirmed". Servers that show up in the server browser will have a background of Red to show an offense according to the addon or it could be removed from the list entirely. If it is not removed the player can still choose to join.

That's my idea. I hope this goes through and you see it. You put in a lot of work for this the way it is already and I would hate to burden you, but so far you are the only one with an add on like this that I've seen.

See you on the Battlefield!
Thanks for the idea. I think the possibilities of the radars not yet been fully exploited.
Any kind of a "better" way to share blacklist is on my plan.
I couldnt say at the moment what, when and how it comes , but it should come :-)

So keep noticed for updates.
Ok, there is not any more on the plan to integrate any global feature for radars.
I discussed it with many people and we came to the conclusion it that it is good without global lists, integrated in bblog.