BF3 Stats Integration selective updating - Better Battlelog Forums #1583

The BF3Stats integration is fantastic, but the forced updating whenever you go to anyone's stats page isn't necessary, especially for me because I check the stats page regularly or use it as a portal to see weapon unlocks and such. It creates ridiculously small intervals of duplicate stat entries or for one or two games.

I think an option or default behavior of optional updating or automatic updating daily would be more suitable for many people. For the moment, I have this feature disabled for this specific reason, everything else works satisfactorily.

Thank you for your feedback. only updates if stats on and battlelog are not in synch.

But I see your problem. You don't like to have so short time distances in your graph. I could change the graph to a daily graph, so only the latest entry for a day is used to draw the graph.

Let me think about that.