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hello , Admin !

some time ago , you`ve made a theme called "Clean Chocolate Theme"-
first, it is a nice one but it would be very kind of you , to change the main colour of this Theme to light green-like the "steam theme 2" green-

for you to explane:I use the old vintage theme in couple with the chocolate theme-so i can see my own background(a pic of Zavod) under the whole screen mask . if i add the steam theme it is green like i will , but the background is not visible through the setup screen

it would be nice of you , to change it to light green-perhaps with a other discription - like steam theme summer-or else------thx
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Hi! I don't change the colors of the theme because than it's not a "chocolate" theme anymore.
You can ask in our forums for a special new theme that fits your imagination.
I don't have time to make another theme.
1.) i never saw green chocolate
2.) i think its a liiiiittle bit "arrogant", if you want, that he changes the main color because YOU don't like it and hundreds others do and have now to life with the change..
3.) you can change from every theme the background image manually.
Try adding this:
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sorry , because of my late answering.
So much Work , so less Time to play...!

But thanks for your Work,it´s near to the style in my head,but it could look better with only a green shine around every Button,full filled setting bars are a lil bit to much green.The color is what i wanna have.It matches good to the my Backgroundthemesetup (Mix of MPGameplay-Zavod+the bblog style-vintage theme+all available and working plugins) i show you a screenshot
~Link deleted by Meaurk
i hope you can see it now-its the adress code of the jpg file
in the old bf3 bblog. it was possible for me to use imageshack or imagebanana to make my screenshots adaptiv for blogs,but this websides are closed.

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It is only a BBcode, you should use our own attachment option (button below the text area "My Attachments") to show us your picture. :-)