Recon: time to kill/bullet to kill - Better Battlelog Forums #1906

All Recon Weapons:
Wrong Time to Kill Information, wrong Bullets to Kill information, and the graph Bullet Damage per Bullet have some errors (line only visible till 15meter)
i think it would be good to update all datas from symthic (again) or check the full script if its working right.
TTK and BTK is not the same as on symthic. The values not wrong, it depends on all given things and on other values as symthic. To complicated to explain why this is so as it is.
But, no real Bug.
ok but than is the sentence "all data from" wrong.
if you have this sentence than the datas have to be exactly the same.

The bug with the graphic plot still exist, so why rejected?,x,y,y&cht=lxy&chf=bg,s,FFFFFF00&chf=bg,s,FFFFFF00&chd=t:0,15,100,85|80,80,59,59&chls=3.0&chs=300x150&chxl=1:||Distance|3:||Damage&chma=0,0,0,0&chxr=0,0,85,10|2,61.3,83&chg=11.799999999999999,10,2,2,0&chds=0,85,61.3,83&chxs=0N*f*m,aaaaaa|2N*f*,aaaaaa
Well, not seen. I'll check this.
And remove the "all" from data from symthic.
i would have the question wich datas are than from symthic? and with are bblog calculated?

ohter point:
isn't it true that Bolt Action rifles are doing a 1 Hit kill within 15 meters?
so the Bullets to Kill information should be wrong like i said., not?

And please, explane me why BBLog and Symthic have different TTK datas.
i would like to understand the differences.
TTK/BTK is calculated by BBLog. All other data is from symthic.
The simple reason is, when any weapon is changed i can calculate it for my own.
TTK/BTK isn't correct from symthic and isn't correct from BBLog. There so many specific values that can't be added in the calculation.
It's just comparison values.

Don't hang up on milleseconds. The algorythm is the same for every weapon so you can compare it over all weapons. Thats the main reason for ttk/btk.