Platoon emblem only visible for Better Battlelog users. - Better Battlelog Forums #47488

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A big thank you for the team that worked so hard on BBLog!!

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not.

2 weeks ago, I was able to upload a platoon image and it would be visible for both regular battlelog users and better battlelog users.

For the past two weeks, I was not able to upload any platoon images.

Today, upon upgrading to 3.0.0, I was able to upload a custom platoon image, but it is only visible for better battlelog users. Regular battlelog users are not able to see it.

If it is the case that it is not possible to upload a platoon image anymore, can someone please describe why, and if it will be at all possible in the future?

Thanks so much!
You will find all history here
When you don't read the FAQ bellow the upload button we cannot help you.
Please read