Merging bf4 account, and transfer premium ? - Better Battlelog Forums #132206

Hi, my prob. is, I am In thailand i bought ps4 here, when it come out ps store wasnt working well, card payments problems in thai store and no thai psn cards.

So I bought BF4 disc and installed it on my thai psn acc, then i wanted it to upgrade to premium, I could not do it under thai acc, so I registered Hong Kong acc and bought HK dollars psn cards, and bought premium under HK psn acc.

So now I play bf4 under HK psn acc, as its premium, on thai there is no premium.

PSN+ is under thai acc.

both bf4 games are linked to same origin acc...

would it be possible to merge/move everything from HK psn to Thai ?

that be bf soldier and premium ?

my origin ID is M474L30

Thai Bf4 mataleo-th

HK bf4 Fr3n7Y-TH

can move premium and soldier from HK psn to Thai PSN ?

Thank You, hope you understand it...
You are in the wrong forum.
Contact the EA Support.