Time for me to step down and say goodbye! - Better Battlelog Forums #117210

Hello fellow team members and users of BBLog.

Today is a day I didn't think would ever come when I first joined the BBLog Team.
This is the day I step down from my position as Global Moderator and Theme Developer,
and instead join the ranks of the other former helpers in Helping Hand.

I haven't been active on BBLog or Battlelog for months, I don't play BF3 any more and I've yet to get BF4.
I feel like I have nothing more to bring to the BBLog community, without making it feel like a chore,
which is something I'd rather not do.

I've been a part of BBLog almost from the start, and it's been fun being part of this project with everyone else involved.
During my time with BBLog I've had a lot of fun times, and learnt some useful skills and lessons for life.
I first joined to translate BBLog to Swedish and then went on to moderate and make themes. I like
to think that I've helped shape BBLog into what it is today, even if just a tiny bit.

I want to thank everyone involved with BBLog, users and members alike (former and current),
for making me feel welcome and for giving me the opportunity to be proud of my time within BBLog.

I wish Roland and everyone else involved continued success, within and outside of BBLog.

Granted, this kind of goodbye post isn't really needed, but I felt it would be a nice thing to do.

TL;DR - Thanks! Goodbye...
As already talked per PM.

Bad to hear, but i fully understand, time goes by.
So, have fun in whatever you doing in the future.
Steve Jobs said: "Stay hungry, stay foolish"
May these cookies help you on your future adventures:
Bad to hear, mate. Good luck in with your future plans! May the odds be always in your favor.
many points of them i could agree. i'm not happy that you're leaving, but can understand you.
it was a good time and i liked to work with you, even if sometimes we were not the same opinion ;-)

i wish you the best for the future and good luck in jobs, private life and all the crazy things you're doing :-D
hope we will read you sometimes here on the board or see you in Battlefield/else :-)
Take care brah :)