BBLog Drop Down menu - Better Battlelog Forums #111504

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Could some one explain how to incorporate the drop down menu in BBLog (the one you get when clicking signature, server radar, etc). I've been playing around with it for a few days and can't seem to figure it out.
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It is not really a dropdown menu.
It scrolls to a specific point when you click on it.

Here is a quick jQuery example for it - You must have a valid page for it (with <body> and <html> tag):

HTML Code:
<input type="button" onclick="scrollToElement('#anchor')" value="Click Me"/>
<div id="anchor" style="position:relative; margin-top:2000px;">Scroll to me</div>

JS Code:
function scrollToElement(selector){
$("html,body").animate({scrollTop : $(selector).offset().top});