Server browser is messed up - Better Battlelog Forums #1918

Hello. I'm not sure if this is a Battlelog problem or a BBlog problem, but for some reason for the past few days my browser has been messed up. Like the first few results are fine, but then as I go down the list, each server looks like it's indented and eventually the servers just disappear. Here's a screenshot:
Hopefully we can get this resolved soon because I can't really search for servers.
You should try to disable BBLog.
If the problem still exist it's no BBLog bug.
Seems like no BBLog bug.
Yeah it doesn't seem like a BBlog problem. Do you know any way to fix it?
No. You need to go to DICE Support for this issue.
If your using Chrome, check your zoom.. When at 100% all good, anything less and you get the occurance you are describing (can be replicated easily) . Someone mentioned that in Firefox Cntrl+0 fixed their issue which is the zoom in FF I guess so.. try that.