Display weapon kills/hits ratio - Better Battlelog Forums #1882

This would primarily be used for making it easier to detect cheaters that use a modified damage hack.

Look at the M16 for example, my M16 kills/hits (882/5240) ratio is 16.8% (which is pretty normal compared to everyone else that does not cheat) (Look at your own ratio as proof)

This means that 16.8% of the time my bullet hits someone, I get a kill.

It doesn't take much effort at all to find a cheater on BF3 stats, so I will use this guy as an example of what a damage modified hack looks like.


His M16 stats show 314 kills with 503 hits. 62.4% of the time he hits someone, he gets a kill.
(Because he is cheating. His bullets do 3x more damage than everyone else's. Also, look how high this ratio is for every other weapon he uses - way higher than yours.)

My point is, that it would make catching a cheater easier using battlelog, if the computed kills/hits ratio was displayed for each weapon. I believe that if it is harder for a cheater to hide, the less of them will do it.
There was a request like this before, i dont think its nessecary, thats why BF3stats are implemented and are providing a direct link to player's extended statistics.
Yes, but you have to manually compute it on BF3stats. (I can do it, you can do it, but you have to admit there aren't a lot of math wizs' out there)

What I am suggesting would put the kills/hits ratio percentage right on each weapon's stats.

Here is another example of someone discovering a cheater by looking at a player's stats:
Should be a thing for a plugin not for a main BBLog feature.
The existing HS Rate and Fired / Hit display is pretty much enough.