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Is there any way to remove the "BUY BATTLEPACKS" box in the BattlePacks Page?

If not can this feature be added in?

I noticed that there is a "Remove 'What are Battlepacks?' box" which is great, but I would have loved to remove the "BUY BATTLEPACKS" box also.

Thank You.
We do not add such "features" directly in BBLog.
Maybe a custom plugin developer can made this for you.
Moved to custom plugins subforum.
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I have already made the plugin myself. I will upload it sometimes tonight (within a couple of hours).

Can someone provide me with a German translation for: "Remove 'BUY BATTLEPACKS' box?"?

Link to plugin:

Thank you.
I can't submit the plugin because I get the following error:
Your plugin is now activated in the plugin gallery.

Please remove the single quotes from the name.

instead of

Please remove the whole code from the first post, add the link to the plugin gallery page instead.
I cant seem to change the name of the plugin. Is there anyway an admin can unlock it or change it to "Remove BUY BATTLEPACKS box" for me?
You need to edit that in the JS file and upload the new version of the file.
OK doing it now.
This plugin doesn't work at all. I added it, refreshed the page, and the battlepacks are still there.
Did you enable it?
Of course I did.
Well as of now there are over 150 users using it without any issues that i know of including myself. This must be a specific issue with ur browser or something. To troubleshoot can you post a screen shot of ur BattlePacks page as you see it now?
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This is with the plugin enabled.

My browser is Pale Moon, which is basically Firefox (and other plugins work fine).
Thanks for the info. I need some time to get home and retest the plugin with that browser.
Maybe it's the latest update to Battlelog (like 3 days ago?) that caused this.
Im not sure, it's definatly possible. I haven't noticed because i use chrome and it still works there for me.
So i downloaded and installed Pale Moon and after installing the plugin and enabling it, this is what i see.
Image 002.png
Wait, what are those settings at the bottom of the BBlog menu? How did you get that there?
Well under "General Improvements", if you click the "Plugin Gallery" button and then check/install the "Remove BUY BATTLEPACKS box | Author XjSv" plugin you should see that additional option there.

Basically that option is added by the plugin.
Is that what you meant by enabling the plugin? I thought you just had to make sure it's ticked in the plugins window where you add them.
This is really confusing design decision from BBlog I guess.
At least it works now :)

Btw, would you expand on the plugin by removing another junk from Battlelog? Several things come to mind: on the main page, the buy premium gear box, latest news, poll, and surveys. I bet noone clicks on those.

I also thought about how annoying the design of the main page on numerous occasions. Those huge links on top of the battlefeed are plain stupid, and I only click on one or two of them once in a blue moon. Do you think it would be possible to add the option to choose which ones to hide?
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Yes it is certainly possible to hide anything on these pages. I'll add the option to remove that premium gear, latest news, poll and survey box. Give me a couple of hours and we can test it.

I was thinking that this plugin has to be renamed. If I add these other features in it maybe I should call it "General Enhancements 2" or something else?

Any suggestions on the name?
You could try something like Battlelog Declutter or Junk Remover... Whatever that implies the features.
So there are some tiny issues. The latest news has an identifier that can be selected and removed. The poll and I'm assuming the survey also, do not have a unique identifier. This makes it difficult to select those items. Also i just noticed they added more content today relating to the Rush Community Mission.

What about the option is to just remove the right side bar completely and expand the battle feed?

Some feedback would be appreciated.

Image 001.png
XjSv wrote:
What about the option is to just remove the right side bar completely and expand the battle feed?
Image 001.png

Oh YES please! I didn't suggest this at all because I thought people might (for some weird reasons) want some of those things.
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DaniluK4000 wrote:

I think he wants the admin to delete that post.

By the way I have created a new plugin and made a new thread for it here:

Lets continue the conversation there.