Battlelog Update 04.09.2013 - Better Battlelog Forums #107846

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Edit: BBLog 3.6.0 should now work again, maybe with some minor bugs.

Hi all,

the current battlelog update change something in the system and BBLog doesn't work as expected.

Problems know:

* BBLog doesn't work at all
* BBLog break Battlelog
* Plugins of BBLog break Battlelog and BBLog

Give us time to check all the things.

Also i have a changelist from DICE:

Improvements & Changes:
- New header/menu design and layout
- You can now choose to have your feed, game activity and personal info only shown to friends
- Completely new UI for the Game Manager (only available for select few people)

- Issue where your presence would not change when you stop playing Co-op
- Issue where the site didn't scale correct in 1280x720 resolutions
- Various compatibility issues with the Opera browser
- Various issues with Battlefield 3 multiplayer Quickmatch
- Issue where you couldn't publish your emblem to the feed
Currently i can't say anything about a ETA to fix it because Battlelog doesn't work for me.
Stuck on loading ComCenter.
Yes Have a few issues with it my self. I will keep an eye on this post.
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omg again Battlelog was updated! when we can expect ne BB update. thanks.

Guys which program is best to make plugins and how can I learn it to do it by my self?
A fix for BBLog come soon today.
BBLog Update 3.6.0 is out now.
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Thank you :D