Teamspeak Viewer - Better Battlelog Forums #1739

Hi there, i like to write a Plugin for BB Log.
My TS Viewer based on TS3 PHP Framework and it works independent from the standard permissions, with this viewer u have a maximum on securitysettings!
Besides, one is able to show a specific channel too!

You must add only a new user
and a new servergroup

Global - management
b_serverquery_login = yes

Virtual Server - Information
b_virtualserver_select = yes
b_virtualserver_channel_list = yes
b_virtualserver_client_list = yes

Group - Information
b_virtualserver_servergroup_list = yes
b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list = yes

b_group_is_permanent = yes

thats it!

BUT now i have a problem, how can i include my ts3 viewer in this javascript?
basicly i open the file "bblog.js" go to line 155 and now? ^^

i know php doesnt works on a local machine without any php/apache server,
therefore i would like "include" this from my external serveraddress.

i must "" only ...!

I share the Viewer, if there included by BBLog ;)
i think there are more than one points why it doesnt work.

1.) Server have no fsock open allowed
2.) you cant include PHP in a existing website with an addon or with javascript.

i think you can only create a own Website where the TS Viewer is running and than include this page with iFrame in your own Battlelog Layout / Template.
Right, BBLog is a JavaScript extension.
You cannot include PHP Code in JavaScript.
As ORFK said - You must have your website the serve the content and than you can serve the site via iframe, thats it.
Hmm but we can request a AJAX call to send a JSON, this calls a php function? ;)
Tricky but it works.
You can do it, but its definitely no feature for a BBLog request. You can make it for your own but we never integrate something like this.