Theme tutorial - Better Battlelog Forums #1911

Hi. am im useless with code and things related thus I do not know how to create my own theme. Can you please make A tutorial kinda thing? that would really help. I really have a good theme in mind but I have no Idea how to implement. For any of you'se wander what tis, it is the dark them e(sorry to whomever made it, im not good with names) with a bit of blue but also a bit of red. Given these colours are in the right place, it would look pretty good. Anywayz, is it possible for any of you'se to make a tutorial on how to code your own themes w/ screenshots to show what you are doing? thanks. Roza. P.s. Brain you are doing a great job with this app. You honestly should get paid for this app. It is brilliant.
You need to know much about HTML and CSS and the Know-How to Reverse-Engineer a website to find out where, which and why things are be so.
So, nobody can write a "simple" tutorial about it. And detailed stuff is much enough out there.
Google: "html tutorial", "css tutorial", "firebug tutorial"
Is it possible for you to provide the css coding of the original battlelog so we can just tweak it?
It makes no sense to provide this when you don't understand it or don't know how to get it.
And if you learned those things nobody need to provide it for you.