No more +50 colonels - Better Battlelog Forums #1861

Add filter to server that blocks servers that have too many level 50 or so colonels. It is really annoying that some nolifer level 100 colonel dominates the sky with jet and there is no way to drop him. So this would prevent this from happening and letting me to play with my own skill level, not with those who only play bf3 all day and have no real life at all.
Not possible.
Well it would work like radar, but it would extract players' level and so on?
As i said it isn't possible because of technical reasons.
Also it's completely useless. Rank says absolutely nothing about playtime, skill or anything.
Every noob can reach lvl 100 with enough playtime.
Just what the f**k. No-lifing? Serious? It only takes 230k EXP to rank up from a colonel rank to another. Do you even know how much time has passed since game was released? Almost 10 months ago! And there were a few double exp events along the away.
Feature suggestion:

On his idea it would be nice to allow Sub-categories within the User Radar.

So players can make a subcategory and put users in it.


User Radar category name: Over-skilled pilots .. then he can add/remove the users he wants to that sub-group

The User Radar will of course have to now display the catagory name as well as the users within so players know what sub-group a user belongs to.

Userful Category name:

Over-Skilled Chopper
Over-Skilled Pilot
Too good to be a human player
that could be a good idea, but i would do it other way.
you have to write a reason why you have added this player to the radar.

like you said, "over skilled pilot" "dont want to play with him because dont like him" "i think he is a cheater" and else. by joining you would see your reason and could remember better why you have him on the radar.
This was requested in the past (add notifications to a radar).
Not possible with current storage structure, need a complete rewrite of the radar engine and i don't want to do this.