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All whiners in BF3 should really buy MOH:W, than you see what a fucking great job DICE did - And what a crap job Danger Close did.

BF3 - The high end gaming standard (graphics) from 2012
MOH:W - The low gaming standard (graphics) from 2009.

The same engine used by developers that know what they do and developers that don't know what they do... Lightyears between

Just a post for people who whine over and over how bad bf3 is... Play MOH:W, than you happy with BF3.

EDIT: Well, since i have seen that XBOX will have HD Texture Pack - I should wait for full game to make a opinion.
and from where do you know that?
Played beta by a friend, for 5mins - Than i turned the crap off.
Graphics and general gameplay did not change between beta and release, if you would say that :-) Just view some gameplay videos from moh:w and make your own opinion.
So you're comparing BF3 PC graphics to MOHW Beta console graphics?
Dendari wrote:
So you're comparing BF3 PC graphics to MOHW Beta console graphics?

yeah... i think PC Graphic is much more better and this strange consolinos.
Who is saying that i compare PC with XBOX.
I'm comparing Xbox with Xbox - Yes i have PC but my friend have also BF3 for Xbox.
Looks even more nicer and more beautiful as MOH:W.
MOH:W is unloving and undetailed, imho.
okey than is everythink ok.
Don't forget, it's just my opinion but i think if DICE had done MOH:W it would have been a beautiful game. Now it's just another standard game.
Still, you're comparing a beta to a full game. If
is true, then I'd expect more detail in the full game(
Haha, WTF is a HD texture pack?
Ok, you are right, if this happen than it would look better...
I never heard about this before.