Forum Signature Filtering (Discussion Thread) - Better Battlelog Forums #1756

I had a friendly little chat with one of the Battlelog Moderators and he mentioned that the signature feature in BBLog is overly used by some for the ultimate spam ability on the Battlelog forums.
This is, well, annoying so to say for the Moderators and for the community that has to put up with spam. He asked if we could add a filtering system for the signatures.

I'm aware of the fact that we currently remove the "http(s)://" from all links in the signatures but apparently it's not cutting it. I came up with some other steps to reduce forum spam via the signatures and presented them to Roland (brain), he wanted me to make this thread so that everyone could talk about it.

My ideas are:
1. Put a character limit of 127 (127.5 is half of what Premium users get with the BF3 Premium signature feature).
2. Disable BBCode usage in the signature.
3. Make lines with only one space or empty lines be removed when posting.

Point 3 in an example:
-------BBLog-Signature-Editor------ > The user has made a lot of empty spaces to make the signature bigger!



-------Forum-Signature-Look------- > All of the empty spaces gets removed when posting.

Those three points ill help the moderators and aid to keep the Battlelog forums clean and spam free.
Please discuss this here in this thread so that we know what you guys think about this idea.

Sorry for a TL;DR post, I needed to go into detail about the issue :P
1 and 3 implemented in next update.
2 not - Just tryit with other modifications.
If not enough, i implement 2 as well.
Is this really to do with spam, or is it to do with just making the premium sigs better than BBlogs?.

Sorry, i just don't buy that it's to do with spam, it's kinda weird that as soon as they put in premium sigs there is all of a sudden an issue with BBlogs sigs, and BBLogs will be made half the size of the premium ones.

Not flaming BBlog, i just find it a bit to convenient in timing.
The problem is that some kind of stupid kids have a signature with much videos/links in it.
The don't write anything related to a post, they just spam around with the signature.
I don't like those changes too but when some stupid people use this to spam i must do something against it.
BBLog is accepted by DICE/EA and i don't want help spammers.
That's the point and it have nothing todo with premium, some of this changes already done before premium is coming out.
ZiggyM wrote:
Is this really to do with spam, or is it to do with just making the premium sigs better than BBlogs?.

i think the BBlog Signature is better than the Premium signature.
Just because of the point that you can use links and more rows. by the premium one you have everything on one line.
please write the rules to the addon, than its clear what would be filtered and what not.
The preview button simulate the forum things, with all restrictions.
I'll add the description there.
brain wrote:
I'll add the description there.

thx that will be great =)