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Hi all!

BF Hardline will come soon and BBLog will also integrate the BBLog Emblem Gallery in that game.

But, as it is now, the gallery isn't perfect.
We have tons of emblems in it but most of this are crap and nobody uses it.

So my idea is to remove unused emblems periodically.

I think about something like: If an emblem isn't used within 1 month anymore, it should be automatically deleted - Doesn't matter if it have been used before or not.

What do you think about that idea?
Thats reasonable :)
Good idea, but I suggest a little change. Why not make instead of 1 soldier that used the logo for the month, two or three users? For example, to its emblem will not removed, the emblem can use by author himself or his friends.
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Yes, that's what i want to find out here, what is better.

But one note that maybe is required to find a good idea:
The cache is flushed after 3 days - So one soldier can currently come back after 3 days and use the emblem again and it will be counted again. This behaviour cannot be changed because of performance issues.

So maybe a higher limit will not make sense since the same user can make multiple counts.