Comparing weapons - Better Battlelog Forums #1356

I currently work on a feature where you can compare 2 weapons on a weapon detail page.
It shows you the advantages of each weapon.
Is now included via fast weapon switch. Its a better a simpler way for me.
Its a simpler was for you, i understand that. But i dont think that is better.
A extra window where you can see the stats of each weapon would be very nice.
You also could make the advantages colored (better= blue and worse = red or somthing)

Greetz and keep up the very very very good work!!!
We love you all <3 ^^
Ya, i think it exists always a better way :-)
I have a huge todo list for the next months and there are also more weapon info improvements.
So just keep tracked for news, enough things comming in the future :-)

I just came here to request this exact thing :)

Would be really good idea to be able to compare chosen 2 weapons in weapon detail page. A lot easier if you can see the both 2 weapon stats in the same page right next to each other, possibly having the better / worse parts highlighted with blue & red.
You will get in the next update a highly detailed weapon table with all weapon information for all weapons, sortable and markable for compare.