3.0.0: solder and server radars don't work - Better Battlelog Forums #46509

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both are turned on, but:
1. no button to add solder / server in a blacklist on a page
2. no worning I see

My cheater-detector does not work as well anymore
There is no "textarea" any more to edit the contents of the radar.
For server radar, goto server page or right click the server entry on the server browser to add it to the radar.
For soldier radar, goto a user profile and bellow each soldier entry is a button to add/hide, also on the battlereport page when you rightclick a soldier.
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Ok. I found the button now. Thanks. I was insufficiently attentive, sorry. I was looking for red radar icon as it looked before an update.
But were are all the fucking cheaters from my list now? I can see only 2 of them nevertheless there were much more in the list!
I cannot see what's happened with your old radar user's.
The old user's should be there but when not it's probably a bug in the release jump.
I cannot do anything at the moment in this case.
ok, thank you for your assistance anyway!