Unable close language selection - Better Battlelog Forums #1673

I can't seem to find a way close language selection without actually switching to different language.

When you click on language flag icon, it shows you other available languages, covering up theme button, clicking on current language icon doesn't do anything and reopening BBlog menu opens language selection again. The only way get rid of the list of languages is to select other language and then select your language again.

If you actually click off the BBLog button (onto the actual web page, not the bblog button) after clicking the language select, it'll reset it and hide the language select again.

Just a small workaround :)

Yeah, that works.
Isn't a bug. To close BBLog Center is the only way to close also language selector.
But it doesn't get rid of the selection by using common sense menu closing -> clicking on bblog icon again.
Also, there is no visible indication of which language is current, and when you click on the current language icon it does nothing. Sorry, but even if it's intentional, this is not user friendly or common sense. Therefor from a user's view this is a [s]bug[/s] lack of feature...