Server Browser Button - disappeared - Better Battlelog Forums #2128

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Hello guys I am having problem that "Server Browser Button" disappeared about two weeks ago.
At first I thought that I had missclicked something in the options but I can't find anything similar to "server browser button".

BBLog version 2.6.1
Chrome 22.0.1229.94
thx for reporting, brain will take a look, maybe he knows what happens.
Is that these buttons (between header and feed) come from a BBLog feature ?
I think it was a EA/DICE modification !

Since the last Battlelog update, one has disappeared and all others are now still shown when I select my ps3 soldier !
Amkhatar wrote:
I think it was a EA/DICE modification !

you think wrong :-P
the "Server Browser" Button was/is from BBLog.
Is noticed for BBLog v3.0