RIP Winamp - It was a great time :) - Better Battlelog Forums #111512

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This will be the last AOL/Nullsoft release of Winamp :-(
See the download page for more info.

A big thank you to all our users, former team members, beta testers, moderators, translators, skinners,
plugin developers, preset & color theme designers, community members, everyone... for everything...

Well, i remember the times with a 28.8k modem, downloading a MP3 from a FTP server (bad boy) and playing it with winamp, the one and only real mp3 player of that times.
I haven't used winamp, or any other music player for a couple of years now since I stopped using mp3 completely and started using grooveshark and youtube as my sources of music. I don't have any hi-tech headphones with some super expensive soundcard so there is no need for FLAC really.

I must say tho, Winamp is something many people remember and still use, so it's kinda sad to see it go :)