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add a chart showing the bullet drop for sniper rifles
On the plan, but takes some time to integrate.
I used an equation that (I assume) DICE used for their drop calculations. It matches everything I've done so far but it might get a little inaccurate out to ranges of...let's say about 1700m? Anyways, these are the range: mil values I get, in 50m increments, out to 1000m.

150m: point blank
200m: .31 mil
250m: .43 mil
300m: .55 mil
350m: .66 mil
400m: .77 mil
450m: .87 mil
500m: .97 mil
550m: 1.06 mil
600m: 1.15 mil
650m: 1.23 mil
700m: 1.31 mil
750m: 1.39 mil
800m: 1.46 mil
850m: 1.54 mil
900m: 1.61 mil
950m: 1.67 mil
1000m: 1.74 mil
The equation is nasty looking, but basically plug in the range for x and the answer that comes out is how many mils (bars on the scope) you aim up to have the bullet hit there.


So put in 1500 and you get out something like 2.52. Put the reticle two and a half bars up and you just got a 1500 point headshot.