Unopened BattlePack Images Broken - Better Battlelog Forums #136184

Not sure if this is do to the UpDate of BB that I just got (4.7.0) but the images for the BattlePacks that are Unopened are not showing up. I get a Broken Image Icon on them. Here is a Picture to show what I mean. I did go ahead and make a thread in the regular BattleLog Forums under the BattleLog Technical Help section as well just encase this is a BattleLog issue, but afterwards I thought that I would also come here to see as well since I did just update the BB Plugin.
I'm pretty sure that this isn't any BBLog issue, simple test: deactivate BBLog and see if it still happens.
Well you are correct. I disabled BetterBattleLog and it is still there.

Looking at the Browsers Console it seems that I get this error for that link to those images.

I can use the Link to actually see the image in a new tab but it just will not load in BattleLog. At a loss on this one. Must be a BattleLog thing.

Here is a link to a pic to see what I mean.

Anyways thanks for the reply. :)