Battlefield 3 GUI Concept 2.0 - Better Battlelog Forums #1637

You may have already read about the first version. Well it seems the author of it, wirrew, made a newer version of a GUI concept for BF3.

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Just amazing :D

All credits go to
Holy cow, this is just awesome. I saw his first version of it, but this.. my god, how DICE would call it: "He nailed it." And actually they would be right.
However, I think there is maybe 10% chance that we get this before 2052.. See that as a not at all thing. Thanks to DICE, "they nailed it" as they always do.

Man, I LOVE his In-game HUD!
Great, but i don't think that DICE will do anything of it :-(
Yeah, I doubt it too. DICE was looking for him after he made the first version but never contacted him :\
The first version he made was really nice but this is just plain out awesome in all ways.
He might have gotten himself a possible future working at DICE :)