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Hey Guys,

it's me again. Unfortunately I have to create another case. It might be related to my last problem (
), but I don't know.

It's a really weird bug. I don't know how long I tested this, to make sure that I don't open a unnecessary thread but I could re-adjust it every single time. I might affect other settings too that I am not aware off, but the Server radar is the most obvious one. It seems that it's just a Firefox (19.0.2) problem because I couldn't re-adjust it with SRWare Iron (based on Chromium).
Edit: Well, actually I am able to get the same bug on Chrome, with importing the bblog-settings.json I made with Firefox.

Initial situation:

- Server is on radar list, but it doesn't show off in the server list, nor in the server details:

-> Not flagged red, no "This server is on your radar" warning, default "JOIN SERVER" font color, "Add to Radar" instead of "Remove from Radar" button.

What I did:

- Deinstalled Addon
- Deleted %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[PROFILE]\extensions\jid1-qQSMEVsYTOjgYA@jetpack
- Deleted %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[PROFILE]\jetpack
- Reinstalled Addon

What happens:

- Server Radar with fresh installed Addon works perfectly fine

- As soon as I change settings (doesn't matter if I change themes, doesn't matter if I check something, doesn't matter if I uncheck something, doesn't matter if I add a plugin, anything) the server radar stop working. The server is still on the server radar, but I have the problems listed above in
Initial situation

I have no idea if I am just retarded, if it's just me having this really strange problem or if it's something else but I would like to fix it, because I use the Server Radar a lot. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance (even for reading ;-))

// fixed the gigantic button in my theme (firefox only) -
juress wrote:
// fixed the gigantic button in my theme (firefox only) -

I am glad that I can help. Haha
Exactly same problem here, the radar is pretty much the only reason I even use BBLog so I would love to see a solution for this fast.
Under consideration.
BrainFooLong wrote:
Under consideration.

Awesome. Thanks a lot!
Found the bug. It's really crazy that this bug happen.
Added a hotfix (no need to update the addon), but the hotfix probably doesn't work in some cases.
Really fixed in next bblog release (no ETA).