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Assignments dont work actually?

oh now all of the sudden after a refresh it shows assignments again oO but before i even started firefox new (with firefox always deleting cache and cookies by closing) and it didnt show up. now it shows up but keeps loading the stats..
I don't know what you actually mean.
Which assignments?
Some data need to some time to load for the BBLog Assignments.
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i mean the bblog assignments. and now they are completely gone again. the whole assignment window doesnt show

edit: now after refresh window shows again but no stats
I really don't know what you mean, a screenshot would be helpful.
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u dont know what 'better battlelog assignments' are?: link
I know what this is, i've developed it :-)
I didn't knew what your problem is.

I never saw this bug ever before. That it is all missing.
Does this happen everytime or just on the first pagecall with pagerefresh.

I try to reproduce this.
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it is consitent, no matter what i do. sometimes after refresh the window doesnt show at all (like there is no bblog assignment). ive tried restarting firefox and all. even restarted pc because of another problem, but this problem still occurs all of the sudden. i never had that problem before either. long time bblog user ;) ps thanks for the great work^^

edit: now after closing battlelog (not firefox) and restarting it through origin all stats showed up, one time refresh and the stats keep loading again

edit 2: anybody having this problem actually? i cant imagine im the only one...
Fuck, i noticed that BBLog not working with Firefox on the medalofhonor domain.
You are on the medalofhonor domain when it's not working right?
no, battlefield only ;)
Ok, than i have no idea why it's not working.
Fact is that bblog actually not work with FF on the medalofhonor domain.
I really need to hotfix this.
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maybe its about battlelog problems actually. the stats are not working right either. if i refresh the weapon site sometimes it shows 5k revives sometimes it shows 0...... i guess its just a problem of battlelog itself

question: to you its all working properly?
No for me all my item stats also broken.
But assignments working well.
BrainFooLong wrote:
No for me all my item stats also broken.
But assignments working well.

I just get the message "Data is loading. Please wait. It could take some seconds." (all BBlog assignments). Nothing shows up. Any thoughts about what could be possibly wrong?
Server overload...