Remove Favored Threads because of new Activity in the Forums? - Better Battlelog Forums #91491

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Long time ago i added favored threads to the battlelog forums, to be able to find the threads you are participated in. Now battlelog has it's own, better, activity feature that list all of your threads in descend time order where you participated in. This way is pretty much better than the BBLog favorite feature.

So my question is, can i remove it?
I think it's pretty much useless now.
yes, i think yes.
I guess, but I don't like where this "latest activity" is at all...
I think you don't need to remove it

this feature can be useful if i want to follow a discussion without writing a post ?!
Maybe it could be renamed
I agree with Amkhatar.
i didn't tought about this point.
that would be a reason to leave it like it is...
xXJumpyXx wrote:
I agree with Amkhatar.

Me too.
Same, it's still useful. :)