weapons comparison chart - Better Battlelog Forums #1836

Could you add a new column to the weapons comparison chart so you can see to which class this weapon is available?

value(s) ==

You could easily select and compare all the weapons of a specific class.

That would be great. Thanks.
why don't using the already existing filter on the weapon stats page (the buttons above the table)?
Sorry. But this is much work for just a simple faster way.
You can click on the weapon rows you want (mark as orange) and than click on hide/show only highlighted entries. Than you can compare between a specifc set of weapons.
But I want to compare all shotguns in damage or all pistols in rate of fire...

It would be one simple column that you add

THAT'S too much work? o.O
can only imagine what work you put in battlelog overall. work of your lifetime i guess...
No, this is not a simple column - It just looks like so.
I must rework the table creation (is dynamically created by weapon data) and map "classes/groups" to each weapon in this table.
In this is too much work because already a kind of filtering exist. Click on weapons and hide out all non marked. Than you can compare in the way you want. For example mark all pistols.
You can also save the link (with marked filters) in favorites, than you can compare it every time again.
And yes, i have already spent so much time for BBLog, you are right, and that's also a reason why i want to keep my work time for it as small as possible.