Platoon image - Better Battlelog Forums #1431

Just uploaded one (320x320), but it doesn't show. Also it reset my other one and it won't let me save it - so actually now I'm stuck with a blanco page.
Just try following:
Upload a Image, wait until the page reloads automatically.
That's all what you need to do. And yes, the old platoon is replaced with the graphics, it must be so.
Please try and report.
I tried it says 'Image successfully stored. Wait until the page is reloaded'. I pressed 'ok'. Yes it reloads automatically but it's blanco.
Hm. For me it works without problems.
Can you send me the picture what you want to upload?
Also you can try pressing STRG+F5 after the page is reloaded (this flush the browser cache).
Okey, now it should work.
There was a problem with the image converter that now be fixed.
Yes it worked. Thanks!