Pls Remove Assignments - Better Battlelog Forums #1977

or at least give me the option of not showing them all together. it should be an option in the main menu, just like integrate

it's bad enough that most of us just lost an credit for an official assignment or 2 after the last update. i don't want my blog page showing I have assignments to complete that aren't official.

don't get me wrong it's a cool idea.... I just want to be able to turn it off completely not just minimize it. I don't want the tab at the top that says BETTERBATTLELOG 3/8

Our member ask for this too.
Maybe you can add a button or a plugin to hide the new Assignments?
yes we note this feedback and will see what we can do
ORFK wrote:
whats wrong with you?
are you all just want to have assigmens were you can get something? a dogtag? points? weapongs? is that the point wich you really need?

not enough if something is calculating assigments by the way how you play?

What's wrong with who?

The idea of the random voted on user assignments is fine.... but there should be an option for those of us that don't want them.... just like there are option to turn on and off other aspects of bblog. Your adding something to that many users DO NOT WANT. In fact I would say that most people want to see the weapon stats, the awards and maybe a custom theme but that's it. The rest is overkill.

And yes assignments created by the game designers with awards are prevalent.
Be patient, we are looking through our options. ;)