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What can we make out of this image? Well to start off I almost played 337 hours of this game, secondly I’m not too bad.
Now what was this post about again? Well it's about a major bug spanning the entire universe as we know it. You’re probably sitting there asking yourself what bug is this guy with a kill death ratio of 1.021 talking about.
Well if you would let me explain without interrupting me every sentence I could exactly show you this major bug.
If you look closely to my current stats you will see the following:
Score Top = 17.17%
Score per minute = 871.64
Kill / Deaths ratio = 1.021
Headhot / Kill % = 15.60%
First off you can see that I’m pretty good but when you read it out loud you might notice that you are capitalizing top while it's not the first word in the sentence nor does it comply with any other valid reason of capitalization.
The score per minute is fine. But then you get Kill / Deaths ratio should read Kill / Death ratio, Kill / death ratio, Kill-death ratio or KDR but not Kill / Deaths ratio that's just wrong by google standards.
Next up Headhot / Kill % this is actually why I wanted to report a bug but after reading more carefully the other ones were also pretty bad I mean did you even read it carefully Headhot / Kill % that's it I’m taking a break.

^That there is a shit posting ranting about free software I didn't even pay for complaining about minor grammar mistakes but the grammar Nazis never give they never surrender.
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I'm astonished. I don't even understand what you are talking about, seriously.
I just tried to read it a few times - Syntax error in my head.

I'm not sure if you are making a joke, a satire, or a troll post.
Anyway, if i take it serious and when i search in the whole code of BBLog i cannot find the "headhot" spell anywhere. So, crazy as i am, i move this to another sub-forum because i am 66% (+/- 6%) sure that this post is not related to BBLog.
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Since when 1.03 KD is good?
You are not good, you just are not bad :P.
Your head-shot ratio is good 2000/12000 but its not a good meter to evaluate a player because it can be higher for players that play maps with no vehicles. (and your vehicles kills do support my point)

In order not to search here is his profile:

PS: I still can understand where the bug is. Are you on the right forum?

= My stats
Kills = 24,279
Vehicles Kills = 3,742 + 2,511 + 2,289 + 684 + 603 + 573 + 318 + 229 + 208 + 81 + 62 + 45 + 41 + 38 = 11,424
No vehicles kills = 12855
Headshots = 2681

= Your stats
Kills = 12,846
Vehicles Kills = 155 + 74 + 66 + 57 + 46 + 31 + 30 + 15 + 13 + 10 + 1 = 498
No vehicles kills = 12348
Headshots = 2,000

See my point?

** EDIT **

I think I found out what he is talking about...
Under the player profile the
"Extended Player Statistics - Powered by"
Score Top = 13.70%
Score per minute = 867.52
Kill / Deaths ratio = 1.031
Headhot / Kill % = 15.75%

But what is your problem?
I guess we have just a troll here :)